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Megabank is one of the top 20 the most trusted banks in Ukraine. Now it serves more than half a million customers.

Result of office automation project:

· Digitization of the bank’s administrative processes;

· Transition to electronic document workflow (organizational and administrative documentation and office);

· Automation of specific banking business processes.

Concord Bank

Concord Bank is a member of professional associations and unions in Ukraine and in the world. Concord is the first Ukrainian bank among small and medium-sized banks to get principled membership of Mastercard and Visa International.

The result of the AlmexECM EDS project implementation:

· Electronic document workflow: internal documents, contracts, orders, protocols, service notes, office and applications of the regulator;

· Automation of committees;

· Digitization of personnel workflow.


A universal commercial bank serving all segments of the population, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations.

Automation result with AlmexECM:

· Automation of all office work: internal documents, incoming, outgoing, contracts, orders, memos, minutes;

· Tight integration with other bank systems;

· More than 120 automated business processes.

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