We provide a ready-to-use business processes and functional units set of AlmexBPM platform for various financial institutions


An integrated system for processing, searching and creating documents. An integrated system to manage the calendar and communicate via the built-in corporate messenger, An integrated system with protection according to the level of credentials and roles of user and user groups. An integrated system with restriction on special parameters within the confidential workflow.


The system allows you to automate most of the employee interaction processes. This approach allows you to transform everyday tasks into effective business processes to standardize the
rules of work, improve communication and provide effective management.



A strong team of engineers and consultants with bank experience as well as a base of reference business processes make the implementation process quick and easy for the clients.


Модульна архітектура і гнучкий вбудований BPM дозволяють вирішувати за допомогою AlmexECM галузеві завдання, такі як побудова кредитного конвеєра


The modular architecture and flexible embedded BPM provide the solution for industry problems
using the platform, such as building a Loan Origination solution.


Confidential workflow

Using privacy stamps allows you to fine-tune the availability of information. Such stamps allow you to receive information on a document only to people with a certain level of access, and to restrict the access to substitutes without corresponding stamps.

Business Process Modeling (BPM)

Integrated BPM business process management unit is one of the main advantages of the system. Integrated BPM business process management unit contains a visual designer. It supports the international standard of notations BPMN 2.0. BPMN 2.0 lets us use the whole spectrum of visual design for professional business analysts and system administrators.


The platform provides a high level of security. Internal procedures encrypt and anonymize documents, impose a watermark to minimize the risks of confidential information theft. Additional use of document security stamps allows you to fine-tune the availability of information. A special unit of the System monitors people with access to confidential documents and logs all user actions.

Digital Signature

The unit for working with digital signature (DS) allows you to give legal significance, strength and irrevocability to user actions in the system and individual documents (investments).

Frame management

To organize the full automation of business processes, the system contains a special form management unit. The unit allows you to set frame elements and data in the visual designer to create a unique process card. Reference information about contractors and customers can be imported from the internal directory of the system.

CashUp, the financial operator of consumer microcredit, has an application processing and document management system based on the AlmexBPM platform. This solution availed to effectively organize internal office work.

An excellent solution for structuring business processes, for working with documents and
customer applications.

- - Oleg Shram CEO of consumer lending operator CashUp
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