We provide a ready-to-use solution for implementation in state-owned companies and institutions


AlmexBPM is a reliable tool for a state-owned company to organize internal workflow and document exchange/delivery processes with external contractors or citizens (according to their requests).


Distributed accounts. Create virtual regional or district representations in the system. Connect them into a single IT system. Streamline and delimit the intensive workflow of various
representative offices within a single information exchange platform.



The system can be a back-office for citizen communication services or processing tool for services delivery requests.


An open API allows you to quickly integrate the system with existing government electronic services.


The 24/7 support team helps you to solve any tasks related to system administration and implementation of new business process templates.



The platform provides a high level of security. Internal procedures encrypt and anonymize documents, impose a watermark to minimize the risks of confidential information theft. Additional use of document security stamps allows you to fine-tune the availability of information. A special unit of the System monitors people with access to confidential documents and logs all user actions.

Synchronization tool

This unit allows you to provide internal data exchange within the same server, and work on one instance of the user business process from multiple servers. It guarantees the synchronization of the business process contents with the master server, and all user actions within the process are transmitted through the master server (taking into account the topology of server interaction: directly, or through intermediate servers, and back).

Search and filters

Flexible filter system allows you to get quick access to the most important information. A user can search for documents by registration or system number, content, selected period of time, or by the name of the author, signatory or person in charge.

Digital signature

The unit for working with digital signature (DS) allows you to give legal significance, strength and irrevocability to user actions in the system and individual documents (investments).

Organizational structure

To work with a large number of users, the system provides a tool for creating an organizational structure. This procedure avails for system administrators. The structure can also be automatically updated from third-party systems via LDAP. The structure tree can have unlimited nesting and the number of departments. If the user is related to a particular unit of the structure, the role that manages this user’s credentials can be set automatically.

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