Ready-to-implement BPM (Business Process Management System) AlmexBPM, designed for large companies and corporations


Due to the functionality of account distribution, you can create in the System virtual companies, integrated into unified holding. Moreover, all business processes are in sight of the head
company top management. Such an implementation avails to sort out and clearly delineate the automation of various companies within the single information exchange platform.


Convenient and prompt discussion within the business process is ensured by communication via the built-in messenger. The mobile version of the platform allows you to make decisions on the process anytime, anywhere, whether it is a business trip, meeting or airport.



A strong team of engineers, with long-term experience in implementing BPM\DMS\ECM
platforms both in medium-sized businesses and in Holdings containing several dozen companies.


Due to the three-tier architecture,you may scale or cluster the platform to place at different sites


The 24/7 support team helps you to solve any tasks related to system administration and implementation of new business process templates.


Synchronization tool

This unit allows you to provide internal data exchange within the same server, and work on one instance of the user business process from multiple servers. It guarantees the synchronization of the business process contents with the master server, and all user actions within the process are transmitted through the master server (taking into account the topology of server interaction: directly, or through intermediate servers, and back).

Informing users

Informing unit unifies the channels for sending notifications of system events to users. The unit avails to send emails, PUSH notifications (integrated with Google and Apple instant messaging
services). Also the other communication channels can be implemented. The system allows you to customize the list of information messages individually for each user. In some cases, the system administrator may set the user permissions to receive notifications about the actions of other users, regardless of whether the current user is directly related to the instances of business processes where the actions took place.

Internal communication

For effective collaboration while working on documents, the system includes an instant messaging unit (supports text and voice messages). Users can comment on the business process progress. A group of discussion is formed by default for every process, so all the participants can communicate through a single channel.

Organizational structure

To work with a large number of users, the system provides a tool for creating an organizational structure. This procedure avails for system administrators. The structure can also be automatically updated from third-party systems via LDAP. The structure tree can have unlimited nesting and the number of departments. If the user is related to a particular unit of the structure, the role that manages this user’s credentials can be set automatically.

Work with lists of documents

The Intelligent document management system provides a flexible document classification tool. The tool classifies documents depending on the status, the contents of the document fields and other factors. The visual designer helps to build complex document filters and choose the appropriate fields for displaying in the presentation tables. For each field, the data source and the way they are displayed are determined.

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