AlmexBPM provides proved ready-to-use business processes and documents for transport companies.


A unified system for automating business processes, document processing, calendar
management and communications through the built-in corporate messenger. A unified system
with protection according to the level of credentials and roles of user and user groups. A unified
system with restriction on special parameters within the confidential workflow.


The system allows you to automate most of the employee interaction processes in the company.
This function allows you to transform everyday tasks into effective business processes. Create
the standards of the rules, improve communications and provide effective management.



The storage and processing of data related to documents, from personnel document
management to the conclusion of various agreements - everything is conducted in a single
system and is effectively controlled by management.


Each user has their own area of responsibility through formalized business processes.
Individual performance cards, instructions and additional approval cards allow you to clearly set
goals and monitor their execution in real time.


Differentiation by privileges and user roles allows you to provide targeted access to the
document and the function of coordination, signing, execution for each group of users.


Execution progress

User can work with a process card to browse all progress points through the business process.
Quick viewing and detailing every phase that’s available. User can comments on the actions
inside the phase.

Report management

The platform allows you to generate visual and text reports created in JasperReports®, the
external development environment. The internal server is configured to provide access to the
objects of the system’s relational database. The data decrypter allows you to access the fields
and attachments in an encrypted form while report building.


The platform provides a high level of security. Internal procedures encrypt and anonymize
documents, impose a watermark to minimize the risks of confidential information theft.
Additional use of document security stamps allows you to fine-tune the availability of
information. A special unit of the System monitors people with an access to confidential
documents and logs all user actions.


A built-in corporate calendar consolidates information on the deadlines and individual phases in
The system allows you to book rooms (distributed across different sites), special equipment, to
link documents, add users or user groups to meetings. Users can accept an invitation to a
meeting, refuse it, or send the author an invitation to change the time of the meeting

BPM Business Process Modeling

One of the key advantages of the system is an integrated BPM business process designer. This
unit is a visual designer that provides the entire spectrum of visual design for professional
business analysts and system administrators.

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