AlmexBPM provides proved ready-to-use business processes and documents for for oil and gas and energy companies


The system allows you:
● to keep different types of documentation in unified system;
● to coordinate and finalize documents, according to predefined processes;
● to control the terms and quality of assignments;
● to receive notifications about document changes and other users' actions in real time.


Built-in messenger is here for convenient and quick discussions of complex documents as part of the business process. The mobile version of the workflow management system allows you to make decisions on the process anytime, anywhere, during your business trip or meeting outside of the office.



A strong team of engineers and consultants, as well as a base of reference business processes
makes the implementation process quick and easy for clients.


Way to effective management. The system allows monitoring the execution of tasks and instructions of managers, to send tasks back for completion, to set deadlines and so on.


One-stop business process designer helps to customize document management processes and highly specialized processes unique for the oil and gas industry.


Intelligent document management

The Intelligent document management system provides a flexible document classification tool. The tool classifies documents depending on the status, the contents of the document fields and other factors. The visual designer helps to build complex document filters and choose the appropriate fields for displaying in the presentation tables. For each field, the data source and the way they are displayed are determined.

Confidential workflow

The system provides the highest level of security for the most important documents. The security stamps limits user access to sensitive information. Built-in audit and logging procedures allow you to track all user actions with all confidential documents and prevent unauthorized access.

Performance monitoring

Business process card provides users with detailed information about the sequence of phases, the results of coordination, registration, approval or execution during the process, information on instructions and additional coordination, deadlines of the phase and employees working on the

Internal communication

Teamwork is an important part of the business process, and it can be accelerated by an integrated instant messaging unit with voice messaging in the system. Users can discuss tasks during the business process and adjust the further chain of actions for the process. A group discussion is formed by default for every document by default, which allows communications through a single channel. Messenger is also integrated into mobile version of the client, so the user can communicate with the team regardless of location.

Business Process Modeling

The BPM module is a visual designer, providing you visual tools to create a business process of any complexity.

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