AlmexBPM provides ready-to-use business processes for insurance companies and proved pre-set standards for business automation

Complete solution

A unified system for processing, searching and creating documents, calendar management and communication through the built-in corporate messenger. A unified system with protection according to the level of credentials and roles of user and user groups. A unified system with restriction on special parameters within the confidential workflow.


AlmexBPM office and business process management system is a great solution for setting up business processes, processing and approval of client requests.



The entire document flow in a unified system. From the agreements and contracts to payment approval, from vacation request to internal orders.


The open API allows you to quickly integrate the system with existing services or external systems and automate processes in the company.


A wide experience of implementing AlmexBPM system into insurance companies allows us to set the automated business processes for all departments as soon as possible.


Document management

Users can create documents directly from the web interface of the system. Throughout the business process, the documents will be enriched with additional data, such as registration numbers and visas from negotiators. A quick search helps to find the necessary documents by the registration number or system number, by a brief description, by the creation date, author, approver, signatory, or who is responsible for the document.

Report management

The platform allows you to generate visual and text reports created in JasperReports®, the external development environment. The system was designed to protect the information in the database from interference. The data decrypter allows you to access the fields and attachments in an encrypted form while report building.

Internal communication

The instant messaging unit built into the system significantly speeds up team collaboration within the business process. A group discussion is formed by default for every document, so all the participants can communicate through a single channel. The messenger is also integrated into a mobile version of the client, so the user can communicate with the team regardless of location.

The calendar

The built-in calendar visualizes all information about documents and meetings.The calendar allows you to book rooms (distributed across different sites), special equipment, to link documents, add users or user groups to meetings. Users can accept an invitation to a meeting, refuse it, or invite the author of an invitation to change the time of the meeting.


The system implements a multi-channel notification delivery function, such as email or PUSH notification integrated with Google and Apple instant messaging services. Third-party communication channels, such as SMS, can also be connected. The system allows you to customize the list of information messages individually for each user.

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