Use well-designed business processes for heavy industry and metallurgy companies in universal business automation system AlmexBPM


Management of large industrial enterprises is impossible without well-established processes within the company. Such companies need configured processes of workflow and tasks and assignments management and control. AlmexBPM is a one-stop business automation solution for industrial companies and holdings.


Base of reference business processes (for each type of document), ready-made guides and templates, and industry experience of the implementation team help to build an effective electronic workflow system for a metallurgical company.



A strong team of engineers and consultants as well as a base of reference business processes make the implementation process quick and easy for the clients.


Several licensing options help you choose the best way to purchase the system. You may choose an annual subscription or an unlimited corporate license.


The system has a wide range of different functional units to solve various tasks of company process management.


Intelligent document management

A modern user interface provides a full set of filters for sorting and clustering documents according to workflow standards. A quick search helps to find the necessary documents by the registration number or system number, by a brief description, by the users relevant to this document.

Report management

The system allows you to connect and create any report for the data contained in it. The administrator can configure access settings for different types of reports for every user. It is also possible to configure access to the report as part of a specific business process.

Internal communication

For effective collaboration while working on documents, the system includes an instant
messaging unit (supports text and voice messages). Users can comment on the business process progress. A group of discussion is formed by default for every document, so all the participants can communicate through a single channel. The notifications system for document changes is finely tuned and can be configured separately for each user.

Business Process Modeling (BPM)

A key advantage of the system is business processes built-in designer. Visual designer allows you to create business processes of any complexity.

Work with lists of documents

The platform provides a flexible document classification tool. The tool classifies documents depending on the status, the contents of the document fields and other factors. The visual designer helps to build complex document filters and choose the appropriate fields for displaying in the presentation tables. For each field, the data source and the way they are displayed are determined.

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