Complete solution

A unified system for processing, searching and creating documents, calendar management and communication through the built-in corporate messenger. A unified system with protection according to the level of credentials and roles of user and user groups. A unified system with restriction on special parameters within the confidential workflow.

Business Automation Platform

AlmexBPM allows:
● To coordinate, review and sign documents on predefined processes;
● To control the terms and quality of assignments;
● promptly receive notifications about changes in the status of the document and the actions of other users. Setting up individual workspaces for every function allows you to cover all departments of the company.



A strong team of engineers and consultants as well as a base of reference business processes makes the implementation process quick and easy for the clients.


Three-tier architecture, the latest technologies and frameworks, and an open API allows you to quickly integrate the system with installed IT solutions.


The 24/7 support team helps you to solve any tasks related to system administration and implementation of new business process templates.


Document management

Business process card with the additional fields provides users with detailed information about the sequence of phases, the results of coordination, registration, approval or execution during the process, information on instructions and additional coordination, deadlines of the phase and employees working on the process.

Performance monitoring

Завдяки докладній інформації в картці документа, додатковим полям, користувачеві надається докладна інформація про послідовність етапів, результати узгодження, реєстрацію, затвердження або виконання документа, інформація про доручення і додаткове узгодження, контрольні терміни виконання етапу і колег, які беруть участь в роботі над документом.

Digital signature

The unit for working with digital signature (DS) allows you to give legal significance, strength and irrevocability to user actions in the system and individual documents (investments).

Internal communication

For effective collaboration while working on documents, the system includes an instant messaging unit (supports text and voice messages). Users can comment on the business process progress. A group of discussion is formed by default for every process, so all the participants can communicate through a single channel.

Business Process Modeling (BPM)

Integrated BPM business process management unit is one of the main advantages of the system. Integrated BPM business process management unit contains a visual designer, that avails you to create business processes of any complexity.

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