Enjoy the benefits of implementing AlmexBPM. A strong team of engineers and consultants make the implementation process quick and easy.

Assistance in assemble and formalization of business processes

High adaptation to the customer’s infrastructure

Integration services with third-party systems and services

Migrating data from third-party applications


We work according to PRINCE2 methodology to monitor and organize all phases into an entire process. We use SCRUM for efficient and quick work to deliver the solution to the customer. The unique approach to the implementation process provides the customer with guarantees of successful completion of the project

Stages of implementation

Building of the functional purpose. Analysis of business processes in detail

Adapting the solution and setting up the system according to the requirements of a specific customer

Services for deployment of the system in the cloud or on the Customer’s servers

Start of commercial usage and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the system


At this step we analyze the customer requirements, and create a general working group. Implementation specialists lead pre-project analysis together with management consulting. They learn established business processes and user interactions. After that, a project technical task is drawn up. It describes the system requirements, business processes for automation, types and groups of documents, and reports. As part of this phase, the need for refinement and integration of the platform with third-party systems is also determined.


We compile a list of technical tasks (Product Backlog) based on the customer’s agreed business requirements. It may include refinement and integration tasks. As part of the system adaptation to the customer’s requirements, the implementation specialists configure the necessary business processes, groups and types of documents, model the reports, configure the organizational structure and issue access permissions and roles to all users of the system; system administrators are trained by the customer.


When the adaptation and integration with third-party systems is completed, the platform is tested on the customer’s servers or cloud servers. At this stage we involve a working group of users by the customer to work in “test mode”. During the pilot launch, we are able to get full feedback and assess the users acceptance of the new system. The obtained data, helps to create the most appropriate plan for the transition of users to the new platform and minimize the risks associated with the migration.


This phase means the start of usage the system by all employees of the company. Our experts demonstrate the basic functionalities of the system, demonstrate customized processes for coordinating documents, hold training for the main units separately for different categories of users. After training, the project officially goes into commercial operation and the support phase begins according to the contract.

Evaluate the beneficial effect of implementing the system.

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